GMG Group: Future Mining Forum

27 –28 mars 2019

Forum on autonomous mining and the digital mine coming to Luleå

Day and time: Wednesday 27 March, hr. 8.30 – Thursday 28 March, hr. 16.00
Place: Room A117, Luleå University of Technology, Luleå

On March 27-28 Global Mining Guidelines Group in partnership with Business Sweden,  SIP STRIM and Luleå tekniska universitet (LTU) is bringing it’s Future Mining Forum to Luleå.

Participants will discuss key issues for the global mining community within the context of Sweden’s mining industry and discover opportunities for their companies to grow and innovate. This event is a chance to discover what the industry’s collective vision of future mining looks like. Critical topics at this event will include autonomous mining, interoperability, the digital mine and underground innovation. Interactive breakout sessions will include discussions on artificial intelligence, and requirements to drive the global mining industry towards increased operational excellence.

Between November 2018 and April 2019 GMG is publishing 7 guidelines, authored by hundreds of experts. This forum is also an opportunity to learn about these new sources of reference and expertise and to participate in new and launching projects. The newly published guidelines will include:

  • Battery Electric Vehicles Underground (Version 2)
  • Underground Communications Infrastructure
  • Short Interval Control
  • Implementation of Autonomous Systems
  • Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap
  • Operational Time Usage Model and KPIs
  • Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus

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27 –28 mars 2019

GMG Group: Future Mining Forum

Forum on autonomous mining and the digital mine coming to Luleå Day and time: Wednesday 27 March, hr. 8.30 –…

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