Introduction to Geomorphic Reclamation

2 September 2019

FÖR VEM: Dammägare, myndigheter, sakägare, gruv- och mineralindustrin, konsulter
NÄR: 2 september 2019, kl. 0930 -1200
PLATS: Cedervall Arkitekter, Maria Skola Gata 83, Stockholm


Nicholas Bugosh, the inventor of the GeoFluv method is visiting from the United States and in collaboration with Cedervall Arkitekter will be hosting an introduction to GeoFluv and its application throughout the world.

0930-1030: Geomorphic reclamation introduction and overview
1030-1130: Case studies, implementation and cost of geomorphic design.
1130-1200: Questions and discussions

What is Geomorphic Reclamation-2 sep 2019


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