Time for the pitching event in the innovation idea competition


On thursday, the selected companies will pitch their innovation ideas in this year’s innovation idea competition. The selected companies are the following:

Bryne AB
Chromafora AB
Flocazur AB
MBV Systems AB
Mjollnir AB
Nano Control AB
Norr-Don AB
Performance in Cold AB
ReVibe Energy AB
Swedish Geological AB
Underhållsteknik Nord AB

The event takes place between 10.00 and 15.00 at City Conference Center, Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan 12–14 in Stockholm. See the full programme for the day  here.

The winners will be presented on March 1 at 12 noon on STRIM’s website.

If you did not sign up for the event, you may still do so if you want to come and listen. If so, please register to angy@ltubusiness.se. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register for lunch.


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