SIP STRIM finances new roadmap:

Increased consideration towards biodiversity needs to be profitable. Not only for nature but also for business. A claim from Svemin who – as the first trade organization in Sweden – currently is developing…


SIP STRIM Innovation Idea Competition – Pitch and win 600,000 SEK to realize your idea!

Do you have an innovative idea that can strengthen Swedish competitiveness for the mining and metal mining industry? Then submit your idea to SIP STRIM’s innovation idea contest! The final winner gets SEK…


Information to beneficiaries from Vinnova

Do you have questions about your project with regard to Covid-19? At Vinnova’s web site you can find information to beneficiaries regarding eligible costs. Vinnovas information to beneficiaries


19 new projects granted funding

It is now official which projects that have been granted funding in SIP STRIM’s latest call “Towards a sustainable development in the mining and metal mining industry”. The announcement, which closed on November…


SR P4 Norrbotten – Så ska metallernas ursprung spåras (swe)

Metallens ursprung i produkter spelar allt större roll för både konsument och producent. I projektet Tracemet som finansieras av SIP STRIM kommer man att ta fram ett system för att öka kännedom om…


We summarize the year!

2019 is coming to an ending. It is SIP STRIM’s sixth year and therefore it was time for the six-year evaluation of the program. The six-year evaluation is a thorough review of the…


Successful evaluation of SIP STRIM recommends continued financing of the program

Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas finance 17 strategic innovation programs for collaboration in research and innovation. It is a government investment of a total of SEK 8 billion and the programs…


New project TraceMet: Now it becomes possible to follow the origin of the metal

That the need for metal and minerals increases with new technology is clear, and that it drives raw material production in countries that lack both environmental and work environment protection. Demand for sustainably…


The Minister for Enterprise and Energy will initiate an investigation on the permit process for the mining and minerals industry

During Svemins höstmöte on 27 November the Mininster for Enterprise and Energy Ibrahim Baylan announced that an investigation on the permitting process will be initiated (film in Swedish).


The innovator behind the innovations – special honorary prize from SIP STRIM

When the nominations for the newly established SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award began to roll in during this fall, it was clear to the jury that it would not be an easy…