Innovation Idea competition

Pitch and win 600 000 SEK to realize your idea!


Welcome to SIP STRIM’s annual innovation idea competition!

The competition is a unique opportunity for suppliers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the mining and metal industry to present their ideas and thereby be given the opportunity to realize them.

You can submit your idea until 13 May 2020. The jury will then make a first selection. Eight selected contributions will get to pitch their idea in front of a jury and audience on Euromine Expo on 10 June 2020.

The final winner receives 600 000 SEK for the realization of their idea!

Important dates

  • Deadline for submitting your idea description, 13 May 2020, at 23:59.
  • Notice of acceptance of the pitch event, 25 May
  • Deadline to confirm participation at pitch event, 28 May
  • Deadline for submission of presentation for pitch, 3 June
  • Pitch event at Ljusgården, Luleå Science Park*, 10 June
  • The winner will be announced and presented on the SIP STRIM website no later than 25 June, at 12:00

* We closely monitor the situation and developments surrounding Corona and Covid-19, and act on the recommendations given. Optionally, the format of the pitch event may be changed to meet the requirements, for example to be kept in smaller groups or via link. But don’t hesitate to submit your idea, a winner will be selected!


Pitch event at Ljusgården, Luleå Science Park on 10 June 2020

The pitch event will be held on Wednesday, 10 June at 9.30-12.00 at Ljusgården, Luleå Science Park in Luleå.

The event is a great opportunity to meet creative entrepreneurs and mingle with people from the industry. A warm welcome to join as an audience!

Registration for audience

More information within shortly.

We closely monitor the situation and developments surrounding Corona and Covid-19, and act on the recommendations given. Optionally, the format of the pitch event may be changed to meet the requirements, for example to be kept in smaller groups or via link. But don’t hesitate to submit your idea, a winner will be selected!


Submission to the innovation idea contest

  • Download the template for the submission of contributions here: Application form
  • Submit your contribution on the intended word template to: [email protected], no later than 13 May 2020, at 23:59.
  • Describe your idea in a short and concise way from a solution/technical perspective, as well as market/customer perspective.
  • The team is an important part of the potential for an idea to progress and succeed. Describe the project team under designated heading in the application.
  • Describe the current status of the idea in relation to TRL. See TRL image below.
  • Describe how the idea is linked, and contributes to SIP STRIM’s vision and strategic areas.

Who can apply for SIP STRIM innovation idea competition?

The innovation idea competition is open to small businesses, ie. micro and small and medium enterprises. The SME category consists of companies that employ fewer than 250 people and whose annual sales do not exceed EUR 50 million or whose total assets do not exceed EUR 43 million per year.

More information at Vinnova website:

Assessment criteria

The jury will take into account the following criteria in its assessment.

  • TRL level. SIP STRIM works with early stages of development and is looking for ideas at technical level TRL 4-7.
  • Development potential, commercial product or implementation in business.
  • Market impact (unique product/service on the market).
  • Level of innovation and degree of impact on identified problem area and its value chain.
  • Possibilities for continued funding up to finished product.
  • Assessment of the company/consortium that is behind the innovation as well as the team/project organisation.
  • The idea/project’s contribution to SIP STRIM’s vision and strategic areas.

TRL, Technology readiness level: Technical development status on your solution

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a method developed within Horizon 2020 to denote the degree of maturity of a technology. The measurement system provides an understanding of technology status throughout the innovation chain.

More information on TRL

Pitch and language

The pitch competition will be held in Swedish. The competitors can pitch and apply in english if they wish so.

Each speaker has five (5) minutes to pitch their idea, jury and other participants are then given three (3) minutes to ask questions.

Travel allowance

Travel allowance of 3000 kr can be sought by participants who have been selected to the pitch competition.

Information about winning

  • The winner selected by SIP STRIM is entitled to funding if they meet Vinnova’s requirements. Innovation ideas that have already received funding from Vinnova are not eligible for funds.
  • Winners will have to submit a detailed project plan for how they intend to use the funding, as well as what activities they are planning for taking their innovation to the the next stage of development.

So much support can be given to an organisation

The maximum allowable aid of minor importance is EUR 200,000 per beneficiary during the last three tax years. In order to calculate the maximum allowable aid, all grants granted under the Minority Aid Regulation must be aggregated. In this calculation, contributions to other parts of the Group should also be taken into account.

More information at Vinnova website:


  • Matz Sandström, SIP STRIM (ordf.)
  • Göran Tuomas, LKAB
  • Lawrence Hooey, SIP STRIM
  • Monika Kristel Hernblom, Boliden
  • Per Storm, EIT RawMaterials
  • Susanne Gylesjö, Vinnova
  • Åke Kruuka, Epiroc



Niclas Dahlström, SIP STRIM, [email protected]
Terese Ahlbäck, SIP STRIM, [email protected]



Winners 2019

SIP STRIM’s winner – Atium AB, “Innovation for more efficient and sustainable purification of water from mercury”

Jury’s motivation: Mercury is one of the ten most dangerous substances for human health, according to WHO. At the same time, it is an extensive global problem. Many industries, including the mining industry, handle mercury in process and waste water. Atium AB develops a more efficient and sustainable technology to selectively clean water from mercury with a reusable filter. The method can clean low concentrations in an energy-efficient manner. The idea has a great development potential because purification of mercury is a global need, and there are also opportunities to develop the method for purifying water from other heavy metals.

EIT RawMaterials winner – ReVibe Energy, “Wireless recording and analysis of vibrations and shocks for monitoring equipment in mining and industrial environments”

Jury’s motivation: An innovation that will enable new capabilities for EIT RM value chain in improving maintenance and efficiency by detecting and collecting data with higher accuracy and capacity in a mobile and battery driven environment.

Winners 2018

Winner SIP STRIM – MBV Systems, “3DPM”

Jury motivation: A well performed pitch presenting an idea that addresses an important challenge – real time measurement of granular materials fragmentation. The winning team is highly qualified and the idea has potential to increase both resource efficiency and energy efficiency.

Winner EIT RM – ReVibe Energy AB, “Powering the Industrial Internet of Things”

Jury motivation: A well preformed pitch and highly qualified team with an innovative and potentially power saving technology of high interest for the EIT RawMaterials value chain.

Read more

Winners 2017


WideFind AB, “Noggrann positionering inomhus”

Innan AB, “VRSE System”

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Winners 2016

ThingWave AB, “Enhanced Mining Safety by Rock bolt Monitoring”

Sustainalube AB, “Environmentally Friendly, Oil-Free, Lubricants”


Winners 2015

Minalyze AB, “Potentialen av innovativ borrkärneskanning inom gruv- och prospekteringsindustrin”

Northern Mining Products AB, “Dynamiska bergbultar för människa, miljö och ekonomi”