Innovation Idea competition

The winners in SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterial’s innovation idea competition 2019

More than 30 applications was submitted to SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterials yearly innovation idea competition. The jury picked out the twelve most innovative ideas to be pitched at the pitch event at Luleå Science Park on February 13th. The jury has deliberated and the winners are Atium AB and ReVibe Energy, which receive SEK 600,000 each to realize their idea.

Atium AB won the award from SIP STRIM for its solution for a more efficient and sustainable purification of water from mercury. Emma Ericson and Johan Björkquist who have run Atium together for the past one and a half year stands behind the idea together with the researcher Björn Wickman.

– It feels absolutely incredible, we are so happy and grateful, says Emma Ericson. The profit makes it possible for us to develop a small-scale prototype that we can test with potential customers. Validating the technology on a small scale is extremely important in order to attract both customers and investors in the future, in order to later be able to scale up the technology.

The other prize was awarded by EIT RawMaterials and went to ReVibe Energy for their innovative solution with wireless recording and analysis of vibrations and shocks for monitoring equipment in mining and industrial environments.

– We are incredibly happy and enthusiastic about the fact that EIT RawMaterials, just like ourselves, sees the potential that exists in the mining sector with our new product ReLog, says Viktor Börjesson at ReVibe Energy. Through more precise vibration measurements, it becomes easier for our customers to understand and manage their machines and assets, one step closer to a well-implemented digitization of the mining sector.

SIP STRIM’s winner

Atium AB, “Innovation for more efficient and sustainable purification of water from mercury”

Jury’s motivation: Mercury is one of the ten most dangerous substances for human health, according to WHO. At the same time, it is an extensive global problem. Many industries, including the mining industry, handle mercury in process and waste water. Atium AB develops a more efficient and sustainable technology to selectively clean water from mercury with a reusable filter. The method can clean low concentrations in an energy-efficient manner. The idea has a great development potential because purification of mercury is a global need, and there are also opportunities to develop the method for purifying water from other heavy metals.

EIT RawMaterials winner

ReVibe Energy, “Wireless recording and analysis of vibrations and shocks for monitoring equipment in mining and industrial environments”

Jury’s motivation: An innovation that will enable new capabilities for EIT RM value chain in improving maintenance and efficiency by detecting and collecting data with higher accuracy and capacity in a mobile and battery driven environment.

Qualified to the pitchevent

Out of more than 30 applications the jury has picked out the twelve that has been qualified to pitch their idea at the pitch event:

  • Synchronized array-based accurate time system for deep mines
  • Innovation för mer effektiv och hållbar rening av vatten från kvicksilver
  • Möjliggörande teknik för en cirkulär ekonomi
  • Teknik & Process stöd – Livräddning på distans, I Väntan På att Ambulans anländer till olycksplats under jord
  • Trådlös inspelning och analys av vibrationer och chocker för övervakning av utrustning i gruv- och industriell miljö
  • Innovative Particle Production Technology for ITO from Primary and Secondary Source Materials
  • Ny dynamisk bergbult
  • PlantSmith
  • Rocks Comminution using High Power Microwaves – MicrowaveCrusher
  • Partikelseparator för effektiv separation av mikro-nanopartiklar vid metallutvinning i anrikningsprocessen
  • Säkrare och effektivare gruvor med EXI-bolt
  • Trafikstyrning i gruvmiljö

Pitch and win 600 000 SEK to realize your idea!

Welcome to SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterial’s annual innovation competition! The competition is a unique opportunity for suppliers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the mining and metal industry to present their ideas and thereby be given the opportunity to realize them.

One contest – Two winners

Two winners will be selected, one by SIP STRIM and one by EIT RawMaterials. Each winner receives 600 000 SEK for the realization of their idea.

SIP STRIM works with early stages of development and is looking for ideas at technical level TRL 4-7. EIT RawMaterials works with development from early stages to mature start-ups, but in this competition, they seek ideas on development level TRL 4-8.

You can submit your idea until January 21, 2019. The jury will then make a first selection. The twelve selected contributions will get to pitch their idea in front of a jury and audience on February 13th. The winners will be announced by March 1st, and the prize ceremony will be held on Bergforskdagarna 15-16 May in Luleå.

Important dates

  • Deadline for submitting your idea description, 21 January
  • Notice of acceptance of the pitch event, 25 January
  • Deadline to confirm participation at pitch event, 1 February
  • Deadline for submission of presentation for pitch, 8 February
  • Pitch event at Luleå Science Park, 13 February
  • The winner will be notified by 1 March
  • Award ceremony on Bergforskdagarna, 15-16 May

Audience at the pitch event on February 13th

The pitch event is a great opportunity to meet creative entrepreneurs and mingle with people from the industry. Please join us for the event and be part of our audience.

The pitch event is held Wednesday 13 February, hr. 10.00-15.30 at Luleå Science Park (Aurorum 1C).

Registration is now closed, contact [email protected] if you like to attend. 


10.00 Coffee and registration
10.15 Welcome
10.25 SIP STRIM, Jenny Greberg, SIP STRIM
10.40 EIT RawMaterials, Katarina Öqvist, EIT RawMaterials North AB
10.55 Introduction, and hear from last years winner
11.15 Pitches
12.00 Lunch and networking
13.00 Pitches
13.50 Coffee
14.20 Pitches
15.00-15.30 Summary of the day

Submission to the innovation contest

  • Download the template for the submission of contributions here: application form
  • Submit your contribution on the intended word template to: [email protected], no later than 21 January 2019.
  • Describe your idea in a short and concise way from a solution / technical perspective, as well as market/customer perspective.
  • The team is an important part of the potential for an idea to progress and succeed. Describe the project team under designated heading in the application.
  • Describe the current status of the idea in relation to TRL and CRL. See TRL / CRL in the image below.
    • TRL, Technology readiness level: Technical development status on your solution
    • CRL, Customer readiness level: Ability to be utilized by the customer
  • Describe how the idea is linked, and contributes to SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterial’s visions and strategic goals.


Assessment criteria

The jury will take into account the following criteria in its assessment.

  • TRL level (SIP STRIM 4-7, EIT RawMaterials 4-8)
  • CRL level (SIP STRIM 1-3, EIT RawMaterials 3-7)
  • Development potential, commercial product or implementation in business
  • Market impact (unique product / service on the market)
  • Level of innovation and degree of impact on identified problem area and its value chain
  • Possibilities for continued funding up to finished product
  • Assessment of the company / consortium that is behind the innovation as well as the team / project organization
  • The idea / project’s contribution to SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterial’s visions and strategic goals


The pitch competition will be held in swedish. The competitors can pitch and apply in english if they wish. Each speaker has 8 minutes to pitch their idea, jury and other participants are then given 2 minutes to ask questions.

Travel allowance

Travel allowance of 3000 kr can be sought by participants who have been selected to the pitch competition.

Information for winners

  • The winner selected by SIP STRIM is entitled to funding if they meet Vinnova’s requirements. Innovation ideas that have already received funding from Vinnova are not eligible for funds.
  • The winner selected by EIT RawMaterials is eligible funding if they meet EIT RawMaterial’s funding requirements. More information.
  • Winners will have to submit a detailed project plan for how they intend to use the funding, as well as what activities they are planning for taking their innovation to the the next stage of development.


Matz Sandström, SIP STRIM (chair man)
Katarina Öquist, EIT RawMaterials
Susanne Gylesjö, Vinnova
Åke Kruukka, Epiroc
Monika Kristel Hernblom, Boliden Smelters
Matthias Wimmer, LKAB
Åsa Gabrielsson, Epiroc


Flyer innovation idea competition


Niclas Dahlström, LTU Business, [email protected]
Katarina Öquist, EIT RawMaterials, [email protected]
Terese Mella, SIP STRIM, [email protected]


The competition is a collaboration between SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterials.