Broad calls covering all of SIP STRIM’s thematic areas are announced on a regular basis. The financed innovation projects should help to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the Swedish mining and metal producing industry, for example through new technological achievements.

The projects financed may be pre-studies, fullscale projects or pilot projects.

Project applications are evaluated by an external assessment team. This leaves a recommendation to SIP STRIM’s board, which, after a thematic review, leaves a decision to Vinnova. After that, Vinnova takes the formal decision on which projects are granted and administrates them.

In addition to SIP STRIM’s broad calls, there are also opportunities for existing projects to apply for planning grants to gear up the whole or part of their SIP STRIM project.

12 Nov

Leverage call

The Strategic Innovation Programme SIP STRIM and Vinnova invite all stakeholders who have or have had projects financed by SIP STRIM to seek planning grants for the exchange of their projects through international initiatives.

Upshifts may apply to entire projects or parts of projects and aim to write applications (with associated activities) that can lead to financing of continued work based on activities and results from projects funded by SIP STRIM.

Planning grants are to boost your previous result from SIP STRIM projects to European or International projects. The funding is to support the applications and consortium building.

Full call text

Important dates

Call opens13 January 2020
Call closes12 November 2020
Date of decisionContinuous
Earliest date of project startContinuous
Last date of project start: 10 December 2020


Lawrence Hooey, Contact

7 Nov

Closed Call: Towards a sustainable development in the mining and metal extraction industry

What can you apply for?

In the offer we can finance shorter pre-studies, fullscale innovation projects or pilot projects in mining and metal extraction.

Who can apply?

Consortia of companies, universities and colleges, research institutes and other relevant actors with at least two industrial partners/companies and one research actor. Pre-studies can be sought by a single party if the applicant can demonstrate industrial relevance in the form of a letter of intent from at least one company.

How much can you apply for?

The budget for the offer is SEK 20 million. For pre-studies, a maximum of SEK 500,000 can be sought and for a full-scale innovation project a maximum of SEK 10 million. For full-scale projects and pilot projects, the total support level is max. 50 percent and for pre-studies max. 75 percent.

Full call text

Call text

Important dates

Opens for application: 15 May 2019
Apply before: 7 November 2019 at 14:00
Decision given: 20 February 2020
Project allowed to start: 1 March 2020


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