Broad calls covering all of STRIM’s thematic areas are announced on a regular basis. The financed innovation projects should help to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the Swedish mining and metal producing industry, for example through new technological achievements.

The projects financed may be feasibility studies, full-scale projects or pilot projects.

Project applications are evaluated by an external assessment team. This leaves a recommendation to STRIM’s Board, which, after a thematic review, leaves a decision to Vinnova. After that, Vinnova takes the formal decision on which projects are granted and administrates them.

In addition to STRIM’s broad calls, there are also opportunities for existing projects to apply for planning grants to gear up the whole or part of their STRIM project.

8 Nov

Leverage call

The Strategic Innovation Programme STRIM and Vinnova invite all stakeholders who have or have had projects financed by STRIM to seek planning grants for the exchange of their projects through international initiatives.

Upshifts may apply to entire projects or parts of projects and aim to write applications (with associated activities) that can lead to financing of continued work based on activities and results from projects funded by STRIM.

You can find the full text here: Call text

Important dates

Opening date 1 November 2017
Application deadline 8 November 2018
Latest decision date Continuous
Project start no earlier than Continuous
Project start no later than 1 December 2018

Please note that these dates are preliminary and may be updated. For current information:

7 Nov

SIP STRIM annual call

The call includes shorter feasibility studies, full-scale innovation projects or pilot projects addressing the challenges defined by the STRIM Agenda.

The planned call budget is SEK 25 million. For feasibility studies, the maximum granted amount is 500,000 SEK. For a full-scale innovation projects, the maximum granted amount is 10 million kronor. For full-scale projects and pilot projects, at least 50% of the eligible costs shall be covered by project partners, and for feasibility studies at least 25%.

Applications will be evaluated by international assessors. We therefore recommend that the project descriptions are written in English. Only juridical persons with an organization number can be awarded a grant.

A new criterion for this year is that gender equality aspects are included as a part of the assessment. Read more about this at

You can find all information about the call here

Important dates

Opening date, May 17, 2018
Application deadline 7 November 2018 at 14:00
Latest decision date February 26, 2019
Project start no earlier than March 1, 2019
Project start no later than 1 June 2019

Please note that these dates are preliminary and may be updated.