Broad calls covering all of SIP STRIM’s thematic areas are announced on a regular basis. The financed innovation projects should help to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the Swedish mining and metal producing industry, for example through new technological achievements.

The projects financed may be pre-studies, fullscale projects or pilot projects.

Project applications are evaluated by an external assessment team. This leaves a recommendation to SIP STRIM’s board, which, after a thematic review, leaves a decision to Vinnova. After that, Vinnova takes the formal decision on which projects are granted and administrates them.

In addition to SIP STRIM’s broad calls, there are also opportunities for existing projects to apply for planning grants to gear up the whole or part of their SIP STRIM project.



5 Nov

Tackling sustainability, environmental and climate challenges in the mining and metals industry

In this offer, we finance short-term pre-studies, full-scale innovation projects or pilot projects that meet the societal challenges defined in the SIP STRIM agenda for sustainable mining and metal extraction.

What can you apply for?

You can apply for funding for shorter pre-studies, full-scale innovation projects or pilot projects that contribute to SIP STRIM’s objectives.

Who can apply?

Pre-studies can be applied for by a single partner as long as the applicant can demonstrate industrial and/or societal relevance in the form of a letter of intent from at least one relevant company or non-research organization. Consortia applying for full-scale or pilot projects must consist of at least two partners from industry or other non-research organizations and one research organization.

How much can you apply for?

Planned budget for the call is 20 MSEK. Maximum funding for a pre-study is 500 000 SEK and for full-scale innovation projects 10 MSEK. Full-scale and pilot projects may be granted up to 50 % of eligible project costs and for pre-studies up to 75 % of eligible project costs may be granted.

Important dates

Opens for application: 12 May 2020
Apply before: 5 November 2020 at 14:00
Decision given: 23 February 2021
Project allowed to start: 1 March 2021

Call text

Call text – Tackling sustainability, environmental and climate challenges in the mining and metals industry


Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager SIP STRIM (contact)

More information and application

Vinnova website

Open Call Information Webinars

Two webinars will be held to introduce the call and give you the possibility to ask questions.
  • 28 May, 8.30-9.30
  • 4 June, 14.30-15.30

The webinars are planned to be maximum 1 hour. The call will be presented in English, but the questions and answers in Swedish or English. A link will be sent to you a day before the webinar.

Registration for webinar

31 May

Boosting distance learning in and mining and metal production

The purpose of this call is to enable the adoption of distance learning tools and strategies for courses that are related to mining and metal production in response to the Coronavirus situation. By rapidly adopting new distance learning techniques, these course can remain effective and attractive to student and also offer opportunities after the current situation is resolved.

Who can apply?

Any educational institution in Sweden currently offering courses in mining and metal production related fields described in the Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap1 that need to adapt courses to distance learning.

What is funded?

Planning and testing of distance learning content and strategies for ongoing or courses that will be started in the autumn of 2020. The total budget for the call is 400 000 SEK.


  • Maximum funding is 40 000 SEK per course
  • Maximum funding level is 75 %
  • Last date of application: 31 May, 2020
  • Decision date: 3 June, 2020
  • Project start between 8 June and 31 August, 2020
  • Project end by 31 December, 2020
  • A short final report on the project is required including:
    • Short Description of level of success of new methods tested & recommendations for future use
    • Feedback from students
  • Attendance at a web-based Workshop with all teachers to share experiences in December. Zoom/distance workshop, about 2.5 hours long. Thursday 10 Dec, at 14:00-16:30.

Evaluation process

The Programme Office will evaluate the applications and inform the applicants on June 3rd. The applications will be evaluated as a whole considering sections 1- 5 of the application. Consideration will also be made regarding distribution of projects to different universities across Sweden. Once approved, the project is then input into Vinnova’s portal by the applicant for formal approval and follows Vinnova’s reporting procedures.


Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager, SIP STRIM
Phone: 076 129 66 02

Information and Application Form

Application is sent to: Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager, SIP STRIM




12 Nov

Leverage call

The Strategic Innovation Programme SIP STRIM and Vinnova invite all stakeholders who have or have had projects financed by SIP STRIM to seek planning grants for the exchange of their projects through international initiatives.

Upshifts may apply to entire projects or parts of projects and aim to write applications (with associated activities) that can lead to financing of continued work based on activities and results from projects funded by SIP STRIM.

Planning grants are to boost your previous result from SIP STRIM projects to European or International projects. The funding is to support the applications and consortium building.

Call text

Full call text

Important dates

Call opens: 13 January 2020
Call closes: 12 November 2020
Date of decision: Continuous
Earliest date of project start: Continuous
Last date of project start: 10 December 2020


Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager SIP STRIM (contact)