Swedish Mining Innovation Award

SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award recognizes an innovation, project, organization, individual or other that is extremely important for innovation in Swedish mining.

The recognition is for anyone who works in or for Swedish mining and metals production.

Three finalists will each present a short film that describes the innovation. The films are to spread information of the innovation and wider knowledge of Swedish mining innovation nationally and internationally.

Nomination Process

The last day to nominate is the 15 September, 2019. You can nominate a colleague, or yourself.

Finalists and the winner are appointed by a jury

From the received nominations, a jury will determine the three finalists. A short film will be presented for each of the finalists. A jury will then select the winner of SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award at Svemin’s autumn meeting on November 27. The finalists will be invited to the event.


The winner of SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award will, in addition to the honour, receive a tailor-made contribution to boost and spread knowledge of the innovation.


Welcome with your nomination by September 15, 2019.



SIP STRIM’s objective with the Award is to spread knowledge of Swedish mining innovation to both national and international audiences.



Nomineringsformulär / Nomination form

  • Vem, vad eller vilka vill du nominera till SIP STRIM Mining Innovation Award 2019? Person, företag, aktör, projekt som har gjort något av stor vikt för svensk gruvinnovation.

    (Eng) Nomination to SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award
    Who or what will you nominate to the Award? Person, company, group, or project that has contributed to something important to Swedish mining innovation. You can nominate a colleague or yourself. Det går bra att nominera dig själv eller kollegor.
  • Vad har den/de nominerade gjort för att lyfta svensk gruvinnovation?

    (Eng) Why do you nominate them?
    What have they done to boost Swedish mining innovation?
  • (Eng) What is innovative?
  • (Eng) What is the impact or potential?
  • (Eng) Anything else to add?
  • (Eng) Your relation to the nominee?
  • De kontaktuppgifter du anger i formuläret ovan används enbart i samband med SIP STRIM Mining Innovation Award och kommer tas bort efter tävlingen är slutförd.

    (Eng) Your contact details will only be used in conjunction with the SIP STRIM Mining Innovation Award and will be removed after the competition is completed.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.