Visions for the Swedish mining and metal producing industry have been summarised in a research and innovation agenda for the years 2017–2020.

Visions for focus areas

The agenda describes visions for nine focus areas related to primary and secondary commodities. For each area, the research and innovation needs in the short (2017–2020), intermediate (2020–2024) and long (beyond 2024) term are defined, based on key performance indicators.

All focus areas have defined short and medium-term measures that can be implemented within national and international initiatives for research, development and innovation. The measures are described based on the expected technical, economic, environmental and social impact expected.

The current agenda is a continuation and update of the previous research and innovation agenda which was produced in 2013, covering the time period 2013–2016.


The current agenda covers the period 2017–2020 and includes visions beyond 2024.

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The first STRIM agenda covered the time period 2013–2016 and constituted a base for the current agenda.

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